Case Studies

> Aston Martin

I M Kelly Automotive is pleased to be associated with the successful launch of the AML DB9, V8 Vantage and Vanquish models.

I M Kelly Automotive's team has worked closely with AML designers and engineers to help create the level of passenger cabin comfort expected of the brand. Hand crafted components are sequenced directly into AML at Gaydon in increasing quantities as their production levels increase.

I M Kelly also supports AML in-house production processes with the supply of leather cut part kits.

> Jaguar

I M Kelly are proud to have been associated with the Jaguar brand since 1998 in the manufacture of luxury leather components. The company continues to supply components on the XJ and XK Models. Fully trimmed leather headliners (supplied via their 1st tier customer) adorn the XJ Super Sport model.

Work is ongoing supplying rear environment trim which was engineered and developed by I M Kelly for the supercharged XKR S GT.

Products for the new range of Jaguars are currently being developed and worked on with a number of Jaguar 1st tier partners.

> Land Rover

I M Kelly Automotive have continued to develop and supply automatically processed and hand trimmed components for the Land Rover brands since the launch of the 1998 model year Range Rover.

Fully leather trimmed headliners, doors, seat backboards, valances and door inserts are amongst products that can be found in all of the most recently launched models.

Work is ongoing with Land Rover ETO division supporting development of complete interior leather trim for numerous limited edition Range Rover models.

> McLaren SLR

I M Kelly Automotive began supplying McLaren Cars in July 2006. A dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen/women were involved in the cutting, sewing trimming and assembly of seats and complete interior carpet systems for the SLR models.

Before delivery to the customer every assembled seat had to pass through highly technical test equipment that certified the safety critical airbag occupancy seat sensors.

Working alongside McLaren teams, I M Kelly Engineers have been responsible for the engineering and delivery of components in the new P1 Supercar.

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