I M Kelly Automotive was borne out of the historical heart of the leather industry in Northamptonshire. The area is famous for quality footwear and boasts a number of top names for men's shoes.

These local skills have been utilised and enhanced by I M Kelly Automotive to produce high quality automotive trim components for some of the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry.

As a multi-skilled workforce I M Kelly Automotive are able to provide the flexibility and organisational support systems to meet the exacting demands of the automotive, passenger aircraft and rail industries.

I M Kelly Automotive has a strong commitment to preserve and develop the specialist knowledge and craft skills of working fine leather. This level of commitment is also applied to the use of the latest passenger cabin textiles.


I M Kelly Automotive have a very positive approach to training. At the interview stage for any position, dedicated and highly experienced trainers will assess potential employees.

At the initial stage of training an individual's strengths are identified, ensuring that these fit within the scope of the role they may take up.

Training is carried out on an ongoing basis. Employees are encouraged to increase their level of experience by moving to positions that require higher skill levels. Identifying and bringing out the best in people is the aim of I M Kelly Automotive. Training does not only apply to production positions. The health, safety and well being of all I M Kelly employees are of the utmost importance.

Every new employee is given a brief on Health and Safety, fire evacuation and manual handling procedures.

There are many training courses offered including Team Leader, Kaizen, 5S, First Aid and Forklift Driving.

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