IMK Automotive’s new 700 kw solar array reduces CO2 output by 126.45 metric tonnes

IMK Automotive, a leader of automotive interiors based in Northamptonshire, UK, installed an impressive 700kw solar array during the summer of 2022. This significant investment highlights IMK's commitment to sustainable practices and the success of its strategic investment in clean energy solutions to become more sustainable. Since its commissioning in August 2022, the project has met numerous targets.

IMK Automotive’s new 700 kw solar array reduces CO2 output by 126.45 metric tonnes

Economic and Environmental Success

IMK Automotive made a significant investment in new solar panels, and after a year of operation, the
company is reaping the rewards. The decision to embrace clean energy solutions has not only contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions but has also showcased economic viability.

Scaling Clean Energy Production

With an impressive total capacity of 716.4 kW, the solar array has been consistently exceeding expectations in terms of energy generation.
The 1,592 individual solar panels, each providing 450 W, have generated 631,949 kWh in the first year of operation! This demonstrates IMK's capability to harness renewable energy on a substantial scale.

Financial Benefits and Reduced Carbon Footprint

After 12 months, the solar panels have covered an outstanding 40% of the energy needs at the 100,000 square foot Kettering facility, resulting in an estimated reduction of 126.45 metric tonnes of CO2e for the year. By reducing the facility’s dependence on the power grid, besides the economic advantage of sustainable practices, the company also reduces the CO2e emissions associated with grid losses through transmission and distribution from the power plant to the company. IMK Automotive is contributing significantly to
environmental responsibility and climate action.

Supporting Sustainable Transportation

As part of the broader sustainability initiative, IMK has successfully installed seven electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within Kettering’s plant car park, capable of simultaneously charging up to 14 cars.
Furthermore, we have implemented three additional charging stations at our Coventry plant, each facilitating the charging of three vehicles concurrently. These installations are designed to effectively harness clean, eco-friendly power sources.
This investment aligns with the company's commitment to supporting sustainable transportation solutions and further reducing carbon emissions.

Continued Commitment to Sustainability Goals

IMK Automotive remains dedicated to its internal goals related to the solar panel project.
These include a targeted 40% decrease in energy consumption by 2025 and a 50% reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions by 2030.
These goals align with the United Nations' Global Sustainable Development Goals, specifically addressing the provision of affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy access for all, while also actively combating climate change and its associated impacts.
Additionally, we are committed to adhering to the Paris Agreement's aim of restricting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030, showcasing IMK's long-term commitment to a greener future.
In Harmony with Industry Ambitions: The Bentley Manifesto IMK Automotive's sustainability objectives continue to align with the Bentley Manifesto, contributing to the collective industry commitment towards operating on 100% Green Energy by 2025.

This alignment reflects the ongoing collaboration within the automotive sector towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.
As IMK Automotive celebrates the success of its solar panel initiative one year on, the company remains at the forefront of innovation, setting industry benchmarks for green practices within the automotive sector.
This anniversary is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and a brighter future for all.

About IMK Automotive

IMK Automotive was established in 1975 in the historic heart of the leather industry in Northamptonshire in the small village of Burton Latimer and has grown to become the centre of excellence for automotive interior trims in the UK. Working with natural high quality leather and other technical fabrics that adorn vehicles manufactured by the world’s leading automotive OEMs such as Aston Martin, Jaguar/Land Rover and Bentley.

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IMK Automotive’s new 700 kw solar array reduces CO2 output by 126.45 metric tonnes

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