IMK Sponsors Tern Raft at Local Wildlife Reserve

IMK recently had the opportunity to give back to the community.

As a local manufacturing business, IMK are pleased to support the Wildlife Trust Tern Raft at Pitsford Reservoir. The introduction of Tern rafts is an excellent initiative that provides a vital habitat for Terns to breed and thrive.  Terns are seabirds recognisable by their grey and white feathers, black heads, sharp beaks and long tails. Tern colonies can be found nesting on the ground along coasts, rivers and reservoirs, these floating rafts are designed to replicate their natural nesting environments to help protect them from human disturbance and predators. The nesting raft project aims to increase the population of Terns which are becoming one of the rarest breeding seabirds in the UK.

IMK Sponsors Tern Raft at Local Wildlife Reserve

IMK hope our sponsorship will go a long way in supporting the conservation efforts of the Wildlife Trust and preserving the biodiversity of the area. It's wonderful to see individuals and organisations taking action to support the environment and our ecosystem. We look forward to seeing the Terns taking up their new home at Pitsford.

Martyn Howe, Sales Director in our Automotive division and Keith Griffiths, Managing Director in our Rail, Aerospace and Leisure division, visited The Wildlife Trust site for the launch of the Tern raft and to find out more about why Tern conservation is so important.

Since the launch, Terns have been reported nesting on the raft which is wonderful news for the possibility of future breeding.

For more information check out the Wildlife Trust blog post click here

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